Restrict Payday Loans and Provide Access to Fair Credit in Victoria

Predatory practices by payday loan companies and cheque-cashing centres disproportionately impact low-income people, who have few alternatives to access of credit or funds.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Victoria to prohibit the expansion of payday loan companies and cheque-cashing centres, following the example of the City of Maple Ridge, and increase protection for consumers, including options for fair access to credit for low-income people.

Who's signing

Lloyd Skaalen
Gillian Montgomery
Cameron Holt
Alvaro Moreno
Jeremy Loveday
GOAL: 100 signatures

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  • Lloyd Skaalen
  • Gillian Montgomery
  • Cameron Holt
    Payday loans have saved my bacon a couple of times, but only because my access to other options was non exhistant. If we’re going to stamp out the unfair practice they perform we have to ensure other options become available and that the people who need them are aware of them.
  • Alvaro Moreno
  • Jeremy Loveday