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Short-Term Rentals

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The City of Victoria is facing a housing crisis – affordability, availability and livability are being compromised when residential properties are being transformed into a commercial commodity as short-term vacation rentals.

Victoria is now ranked the second least affordable place to live in Canada. The 2016 ‘Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey’ indicates that a home in Victoria now has a price tag that is more than 6.9 times the median household income of the area. In their view, a home in this city is “seriously un-affordable” to many buyers and is certainly well beyond the financial means of most renters.

Victoria City Council currently supports the commercialization of residential property and City staff will issue a commercial 'transient accommodation' business license to property owners that want to operate short-term vacation rentals. City Council would rather protect the financial interest of real-estate speculators, developers and those that operate in the 'grey economy' rather than take the necessary action to remove 'transient accommodation' as a permitted use and help return more than 300 short-term vacation rentals in the downtown core to the long-term housing market.

The Citizen Coalition Against Short-Term Vacation Rentals opposes the commercialization of residential property and we ask that you support our initiative, by signing our petition, to remove 'transient accommodation' as a permitted use in the downtown core:

We, the undersigned, call on Victoria City Council to take action to stop the commercialization of residential properties and improve housing livability, availability and affordability through a city initiated 'right-zoning' of downtown residential properties by removing "transient accommodation" as a permitted use in residential properties, and return those dwelling units back into the local housing supply.


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  • 1. Residential strata is solely for the use as residential property and cannot be, and should not be used as a commercial operation.

    2. The City of Victoria, by issuing a commercial business license for the operation of a short term rental, condemns those neighbours to be forced to live in a hotel-like environment. The city has no right to do so.

    3. If the City is still determined to force unsuspecting strata owners to live in hotel-like accommodation, and burden strata corporations with additional security risks, then at minimum the City must retain the regulation that operators of short term rentals seeking a business licence must have written permission from the strata corporation where they seek to operate.
  • We need to have the rental unit or all other business will suffer.
  • Tammy Brooks
  • Sign the petition: Restrict Short-Term Vacation Rentals
  • This is unfair to the renters in our society & is affecting rural communities as well as the city. Enough is enough!
  • Sign the petition: Restrict Short-Term Vacation Rentals
  • Affordable long-term rental housing is THE issue determining the future of our city. We can’t have a stable labour force if workers can’t afford to live here. We’ll never get a grip on transport and traffic problems if increasing numbers of people have to commute longer distances to work in the city.
  • Do something similar to what Barcelona is doing. And work with the provincial government on tax reform because this is a global issue of asset price inflation which will ruin the actual economy of every municipality unless the bubble is slowed drastically. Ideally tax reform should address untaxed capital gains as well as property values because banks and developers are getting away with far too much. If there is no working productive economy other than tourism, this will be a sad place. The current economic ideas are failing.
  • We have people operating lodging with no fire inspections, no security arrangements, no key control, no sanitary standards.
  • My residentially zoned neighbourhood is quietly being taken over by STR’s that add nothing to the fabric of my community, nothing to the safety and dependability of familiar neighbours, and nothing to the investment of ideas to the future planning of my neighbourhood. With a critical shortage of long-term rental accommodation in Victoria, I find this shockingly irresponsible.
  • Sign the petition: Restrict Short-Term Vacation Rentals
  • Theresa Dickinson
  • Takashi Ito